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Aged Care

Advice and guidance to assist you or loved ones with the transition into aged care.

Direct Shares

Advice, research and management for Australian direct shares and portfolios.

Managed Investments

Starting small or looking for a better investment? We can help with the best advice.

Retirement Planning

Plan now to obtain the lifestyle you deserve in retirement. Start now!

Cashflow & Budgeting

Saving strategies, budgeting, cashflow management and Centrelink advice.

Debt Reduction

Saving strategies and tax-effective advice to help get you out of debt. Need help?


We understand super! Are you making the most of your fund and contributions?

Risk Insurance

We explain why risk insurance is so important and what options are best for you.

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Prominent C.A.R.E.™ is how we support every client to help achieve their goals through Communication, Advice, Review and Education. Learn more
We offer financial assistance and advice to people suffering financial difficulty caused through serious illness or disability. To find out more or to apply for assistance, click here .
We advocate for the financial literacy of women and those wanting to enter the financial advice industry. As a result, Christine Swanson has developed the Women Advice™ initiative. Learn more

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Our Prominent C.A.R.E™ process helps you reach your goals.

We work with you to communicate, advise, review and educate.