The Cost of Financial Neglect

Many people know how to spend money, but few understand how to invest it wisely. Even those who have invested, fail to understand what they have, versus what they need to continue a similar lifestyle once retired.
In fact, the number one concern for many people is that they will run out of money in retirement. As the saying goes, prior preparation prevents poor performance!
Financial Advisor Kent Town

Our clients live happier, healthier and stress-free lives, through financial comfort and peace of mind.

For over 30 years, Christine’s driving passion has been to always do what is right for her clients and to only take on clients where she can add significant value.

Your Financial Well-Being is
at the Heart of Everything We Do

Providing comfort and peace of mind
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Grow Your Wealth

People invest for many different reasons. After factoring in tax and inflation, chances are that funds held in low interest savings accounts may lose value in real terms over time. 

To stay ahead of inflation and taxation, you may need to invest in assets that deliver a higher return over time.

The key to successful investing is identifying your investment goals and the time frame over which you want to invest. Whether you’re investing for the next 10, 20 or 30 years, history suggests that time is on your side and that the returns from investing for growth are likely to reward the volatility you endure along the way.

Financial Advisor Kent Town
Financial Advisor Kent Town Testimonials

Edna D.

“I have found her to be professional at all times. One of her greatest gifts is to explain the financial situation in every day terms. I feel like we are talking to a friend as she listens to requests or queries and makes you feel at ease with her suggestions. I have been a client of hers for the last 4 years and in that time my portfolio has grown well in excess of what I expected. Nothing is too much trouble for her.”

Financial Advisor Kent Town

Super & Retirement

Superannuation’s sole purpose is for your retirement. The government provides you with tax incentives to invest via superannuation, meaning it is normally more tax effective to invest for retirement within super other than assets held personally.  Superannuation exists to help you provide for yourself in retirement rather than relying on social security. As a result, your superannuation savings cannot be accessed until a condition of release is met, such as retirement or reaching age 65. Other advantages of investing within superannuation can include many tax benefits, incentives, and insurance options. Making the most of your super doesn’t need to be complicated!

“From our first meeting with Christine we felt comfortable entrusting her with our financial affairs and this feeling of trust has grown over the years. She is skilled in her field and also a good listener. She takes care to ensure that her advice is appropriate to our circumstances and our needs. We have come to see Christine as not only our Financial Advisor but also a friend.”

Financial Advisor Kent Town Testimonials

Gordon H.

Reach Your Goals

Flexible financial strategies tailored to help you progress towards and ultimately achieve your financial goals – we help you:

  • Gain better control of your finances
  • Understand your retirement options 
  • Implement a retirement strategy
  • Budget for a debt free life
  • Live a lifestyle in retirement that you have today
Financial Advisor Kent Town
Financial Advisor Kent Town Testimonials

Merelyn B.

“I am writing to you to express my appreciation of all your efforts in managing my financial arrangements over the last 7 years. You always take the time to ensure I have a good understanding of any decisions that need to be made. The most important aspect of our business relationship however is the competence you have always shown in managing my money, as evidenced by the good returns you have achieved.”

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