Prominent C.A.R.E.

We strive to stand out for our service, our innovations and for always doing what is right. We are accountable to our clients, ourselves and the community.

Prominent C.A.R.E.

Our goal is to ensure our clients understand we C.A.R.E. through every stage of their journey with us. Every minute detail has been designed to ensure our clients have complete trust and confidence that our number one priority is always looking after them and acting in their best interest. We strive to create a “WOW” experience to ensure clients recognise, relate and remember our brand, team, services and most importantly – the value we add.

Creating part of the WOW experience is based on a great office culture, this is a crucial element to ensure that clients are welcomed into a warm and comfortable environment. Ensuring the Prominent Team are passionate about their work and our clients, whilst also having fun in the office is all part of creating a great experience for our clients. Our client-centric process includes all team members. By ensuring our clients get to know them all, allows them to feel confident and comfortable dealing with anyone and allows advisers to effectively manage their time more efficiently.

Our constant review process, measures, tweaks and enhances our processes, “touch points” and outcomes to ensure our clients are on personal terms with the entire team, allows them to feel confident and comfortable.




the provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare,
maintenance, and protection of someone or something; look after and
provide for the needs of.

As defined by Oxford Dictionary, Oxford University Press©

Our Approach

Acting in our clients best interests and always putting their needs above all else. Prominent C.A.R.E. "is at the heart of everything we do."

Get Clear On Your Financial Future

C is for Communicate – All good relationships are built on a foundation of honesty and trust, for a relationship to stand the test of time there needs to be a good foundation of communication, even more-so in the financial planning industry where clients are entrusting us with the responsibility of their financial futures. Clear, relevant and ongoing communication is essential throughout a client’s journey with Prominent.

Clients will always be aware of the value our guidance and advice provides and the benefits of their strategy and all associated charges. A question, asked more than once, is always seen as an opportunity to improve our procedures or processes.

Aged Care Financial Advice

Trusted Partners For The Long Term

A is for Advise – Financial advice is not just a written plan. Quality financial advice educates, engages and empowers the client to understand, choose and make informed and realistic decisions that are achievable and measurable.

We provide detailed initial planning, graphical presentation tools, tracked implementation, personal follow-up and a financial road mapping system which allows the client to track their progress.

Be Valued To Add Value

R is for Review – Every single client is valued and reviewed on a regular basis. Our service packages have been designed in house and are tailored around all our services based on each client’s ongoing needs, goals and situation – not whether they’re “gold or silver”.

They range from our “Foundation” clients who are just beginning to accumulate wealth; clients who are taking “Advantage” of additional services; clients requiring “Select” financial strategies; clients who desire a little more active, “Privilege” service; and finally clients who require “Private” attention on a regular basis.

Aged Care Financial Advice

Financial Knowledge Is Power

E is for Education – Core to every interaction we have with our clients is education. We subtly and constantly educate our clients, mainly through visual tools, to increase awareness and confidence. Knowledge relates to power and as the client’s knowledge increases we also see their confidence and appreciation increase.

We find that this also enhances and strengthens the personal relationships we have with our clients. Education is key in developing a deep trusting relationship that will last for many years.