Cash Flow Management & Financial Advice

Improved cash flow can take your financial future to the next level.

What is Cash Flow Management?

Cash flow management is a system or process of tracking the ins and outs of your income and spending. This includes how much money is coming into your household or business and how much of that income are you spending (and importantly, what are you spending money on).

At Prominent Financial Services, our financial advice team can help you in managing your cash flow by:

  • Identifying cash flow issues and determine your average cash position.
  • Monitoring your financial habits to better predict your future cash flow and inform future spending decisions.
  • Helping you understand your overall financial situation, identify opportunities to reduce costs or debts, and provide expert advice on your finances.
  • Helping you monitor cash flow for retirement and understand how much money you need to achieve your dream retirement

Prominent Financial Services have experienced finance experts who can help you to identify your primary cash flow problem, and work with you to create actionable cash flow strategies to get you back on track to create a rewarding budget.

Ready to make the most of your money with a financial adviser and strategic cash flow management?

Achieve Positive Cash Flow with Proven Strategies From Our Financial Advisors in Adelaide

While it can be confronting to examine your financial records, spending and monthly expenses, the benefits can make a big difference in the short and long term. Whether you’re struggling with late payments or simply want to reduce your costs, our financial planners can help.

Prominent Financial Services are expert financial planners who understand the importance of creating tailored financial plans and using a diverse range of financial strategies to achieve your goals.


Benefits of Budgeting

A big part of improving your cash flow is having a budget that gives you an overview of your spending habits and clarity around other expenses.

Christine teaches budgeting 101 to all her clients because a comprehensive and accurate budget is critical to understanding your cash flow and allows you to make informed decisions about your finances.

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Debt Reduction Strategies

One of the biggest challenges and benefits of managing your cash flow is paying off debt!

Reducing debt is a very common life goal, as it can help you move forward with your savings and other financial goals.

Whether you have a mortgage, car loan or credit card debt, a financial adviser can help you build a personal debt management plan to get in control of your debt.

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Savings & Investments

Once you’re in the green with your cash flow, you can commit to your savings and investing to create more money.

Ideally, you can start to grow your money and accrue enough money to achieve all your financial goals in life with a smart investing plan.

Prominent Financial Services can help you build a tailored investment strategy in line with your risk tolerance and objectives.