Financial Advice for Investing Inheritance

Learn how to make the most of your money with proven financial advice on investing inheritance.

What To Do With My Inheritance?

Receiving an inheritance should be considered a blessing, but if you are unsure how to manage it properly, it can be overwhelming and may even result in a large tax bill.

If you have received a large inheritance from a family member or loved one, you have many options. The right option for you will depend on your personal circumstances and financial situation. It’s important to take your time, weigh up financial considerations and seek advice.

Some common options when receiving an inheritance include:

  • Investing: If you want to achieve long-term financial security, consider working with a financial planner to create a personalised investment strategy.
  • Paying off Debt: You can use your inheritance to improve your financial position by paying off debts.
  • Reduce Your Tax: Be aware of the tax implications of your inheritance. While there are no inheritance taxes or estate taxes in Australia but you may have to pay capital gains tax
  • Boost Your Superannuation: Many Australians take advantage of the tax-advantaged retirement accounts available to them. With a large inherited sum of money, you can make concessional contributions or non-concessional contributions to your super fund as part of your retirement planning strategy.

Financial Advice, Inheritance & How to Make Your Money Last from the Best Financial Advisors Adelaide

Your inheritance is personal. Advice should be too.

With professional advice from a qualified financial planner, you can be confident that you can make the most of your inheritance money for the future.

By making the right financial and investment decisions, you can implement strategies that work for you and can help you achieve your financial goals in the long term.


Savings & Investments

Whether you’re looking to save your inheritance money, build an emergency fund or create an investment portfolio, a financial advisor can help you make the right decisions with a tailored financial plan.

There are many wealth management considerations to take into account including potential tax implications (i.e. property taxes on investment properties) and how you can structure your investment assets in line with your investment objectives.

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Debt Reduction Strategies

Many people who receive an inheritance choose to use the money to reduce their debts.

If you plan to pay off personal loans with a substantial inheritance you have received, it’s important to consider paying off your high-interest debts first. High-interest debt will cost you more in the long term but with a smart debt strategy, you can pay off more debt quicker.

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Cashflow Management & Strategies

Seek professional advice from Prominent Financial Services for cashflow management and budgeting strategies. Our financial adviser can help you make smarter financial decisions when it comes to your cashflow.