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Why Financial Planning is Important for Women

It is so important for women to financially educate themselves, as many women find themselves alone at some stage and one of the biggest regrets that women with a partner have is letting their partner control all the finances.

Additionally, so many women are already at a financial disadvantage to their male counterparts.

Women earn on average $255.30 per week less than men and retire with 42% less superannuation.

This is why Prominent Financial Services Director, Christine Swanson, wants to contribute to improving the financial futures of women. It is vitally important that other women seek financial advice to improve their knowledge and confidence around money matters.

No matter your financial situation, you can achieve financial security with personalised financial plans.

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Financial Planning Strategies to Help Women Make Their Money Go Further

Many women go through different life stages which require different financial strategies.

Financial planners can help you pick the right strategies to grow your money and improve your financial well being. Through financial advice tailored to your financial situation or needs, you can achieve more with your money.


Financial Planning During a Divorce or Separation

Divorce can hit women harder than men. Navigating a separation can be difficult enough without having to sort financial affairs. A female financial planner can help with a tailored financial plan.

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Compare Investments, Assets & Risks

Grow your money and achieve your financial goals in life with a smart investing plan. Prominent Financial Services can help you build a tailored investment strategy in line with your risk tolerance and objectives.


Cashflow Management & Strategies

Many women want to create a better budget for their family and children. Christine teaches budgeting 101 to all her clients, as having a good understanding of your cash flow allows you to make informed decisions about your finances.

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Discover Women’s Superannuation Funds

On average, females retire with 42% less superannuation than men. We can help you make the right financial decisions with your superannuation to grow your wealth for your future retirement.

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Debt Reduction Strategies

Paying off debt is a very common life goal for women. A financial adviser can help you get in control off your debt and support you with a personal debt management plan.

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Salary Packaging Advice for Working Women

Salary packaging or salary sacrificing can be a great way for professional females to grow their wealth tax-effectively for retirement. Putting money into your super could be in your best interests for the future.

Financial Planning for Women Case Studies

From Grief and Confusion to Clarity and Confidence

Meet Jenny – Retired Widow

Jenny wasn’t only grieving the loss of her wonderful husband, she was also left with severe financial anxiety as her husband handled everything.

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