Retirement Planning & Superannuation Advice

Plan your retirement today to enjoy a carefree financial future.
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How to Prepare for Retirement

When it comes to planning for your future, it’s essential to think about your retirement plan.

Did you know: Only 44% of Australians over age 40 feel prepared for retirement?

There are many retirement planning strategies you can employ to give you peace of mind that you are on track for financial freedom in your golden years.

Prominent Financial Services can help you to:

  • Build your retirement income (including your super balance)
  • Determine how much income you need for retirement
  • Achieve an early retirement
  • Maximise your Government Age Pension
  • Make investment choices and financial planning decision that align with your personal circumstances

Ready to build your comprehensive retirement plan?

Retirement Planning Advice is the First Step to Lasting Financial Success as a Retiree

The earlier you start preparing for your retirement, the more options you will have to stay on track and make the most of your savings, investments and super funds when the time comes.

This is where personal financial advice can be enormously beneficial to ensure that you have enough retirement income to last a lifetime. A financial advisor can help you achieve financial security, grow your retirement savings and enjoy your dream retirement.


Discover Top Superannuation Funds

Your superannuation fund is a critical source of tax-effective income for your retirement. But how can you make sure your superannuation account balance will be enough to fund your retirement life?

With a retirement planner by your side, you can have confidence your super fund is generating the financial results you need to achieve your retirement goals.

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Compare Investments, Assets & Risks

If you’re looking to invest for retirement, we can help you determine the right investments for your financial situation.

Whether you’re looking to purchase an investment property, better understand the tax implications of your investment assets, or simply generate more income from your existing investments, Prominent Financial Services can help.

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Debt Reduction Strategies

Before you reach your retirement, many Australians plan to pay off all their debts so they don’t experience financial hardship. However, with inflation and rising house prices, sometimes total debt elimination isn’t always possible. No matter your personal situation, a debt management plan is essential.

A sound debt management plan can give you peace of mind in retirement and ensure you have enough income to cover your living expenses – as well as those little luxuries that you have enjoyed throughout your working life.

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