Aged Care Financial Advice

Prepare for the transition to aged care today with professional and compassionate financial advice.

Are You In Need of Aged Care Financial Services?

Prominent Financial Services provide compassionate, expert aged care financial advice to help you discover the best possible aged care options available to yourself or your loved ones.

There is a lot to consider and do when making this transition beyond just aged care costs, such as aged care facility options, level of independence and care needs and how the aged care system works.

Working with financial advisers that have extensive knowledge and experience with aged care planning can be such a relief for loved ones. Our financial advisers will take the time to understand your or your family members’ personal circumstances and financial situation to provide the most valuable advice.

Prominent Financial Services can help you to:

  • Navigate the aged care process and ask the right questions of aged care industry specialists to make informed choices.
  • Understand financial subsidy options and other means to financially prepare, whether you’re looking at home care options or residential aged care.
  • Provide advice to minimise the financial impact at an already challenging time, as well as to provide clarity and peace of mind for your family.

Are you ready to explore your options with a professional aged care financial adviser? Book a meeting today!

Talk to a Financial Adviser in Adelaide Experienced in Aged Care Financial Planning Strategies

Like all things in financial planning – whether it’s getting your super sorted or retirement planning – the earlier you start planning for big financial changes, the better off you will be.

It’s important to seek aged care financial advice before you or your loved ones need care. Aged care is a surprisingly complex area when it comes to financial decisions and the practical process of accessing aged care specialists and facilities. Transitioning into aged care can be a stressful time, but the financial and emotional impact can be managed and minimised with expert advice.


Estate Planning Reviews to Prevent Estate Disputes

As you or your ageing loved one move into aged care, peace of mind begins with a comprehensive estate plan. Don’t spend your retirement and golden years worrying about what will happen in the future.

With estate planning, you can make the big decisions today to ensure all those years of hard work truly do pay off for you and your family.

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Compare Investments, Assets & Risks

If you’re looking to invest to financially support any age care requirements, we can help you determine the right investments for your financial situation.

Whether you’re looking to make new investments, better understand the tax implications of your investment assets, or simply generate more income from your existing investments, Prominent Financial Services can help.


Debt Reduction Strategies

Before you reach your retirement or the need for aged care, paying off debts can reduce the risk of financial hardship.

No matter your personal circumstances, a debt management plan is essential for peace of mind and to ensure you have enough income to cover your living and aged care expenses – as well as those little luxuries you deserve to enjoy.

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